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Received from the Warrant Officers & Chief Petty Officers mess members on conclusion of their successful battlefield tour.

Above left:
Received from G3 Operations HQ Ace Rapid Reaction Corps NATO.

Above right:
Received from the Blind Veterans UK Charity.


Received from Robin Hart & Tristan Forbes in response on conclusion of their family members battlefield pilgrimage.

Also a tribute received from:
Lt General (Ret) Sir Peter Graham KCB CBE  
Dear Chris and Milena,
After receiving your reports on the above visit and the many wonderful photos taken onsite, as well as those in particular of the Menin Gate Ceremony, I have been lost for words. Words to express our thanks for everything you both did to make the above visit, for Tristan in particular, such a great success in so many ways. Thank you for providing him with a deep  awareness of his heritage, set by his forebears, so many years ago, which after all has become a strong pillar of our Australian way of life.
An example of our way of life, which I for one ,don’t want to see dissipated in the following generations. You have been so successful in expressing all this to him, I know it has left him with a very moving exposure to the past which I know he will carry throughout his life. I was very pleased to  receive his enclosed email and I am  sending it on to you as I believe he has expressed himself well and you should share in and be aware of his thoughts on the whole experience. In particular, his reference to your input in to it.
Could you also pass on  our thanks to Magda too, and it is obvious, thank you Milena, for the good job you did here in recommending the B&B to us. From Tristan’s comments it was a big hit also. There is no doubt the  great appetite that young Fellows have and how they appreciate it, when it is satisfied .
I hope that all on the financial side was settled correctly with you by Tristan and that being one man short to the planned number did not leave you short in any way.
Please let me know if there were any deficiencies in this area that I could cover.
Once again thanks for all your thought and combined input you provided to make the visit so successful for our grandson. I can assure you there are many of the living family, as well as I am sure, it would not go unnoticed by those who were personally involved and set the standard in the battlefield, too, who are greatly indebted to you  for keeping it all ‘alive’ for us.
They were great photos you sent to us too, which will  be great to have in our family collection. On the ones taken at ‘the grave’ in Tyne Cot and the Thames Bunker, it was good to see the carefully preserved, 42 Bat sheet ,carried there by David and Hilary Feez, came to the fore again.  I enjoyed too the Menin Gate ones, showing the snow fall on the wreaths laid the previous night. Here we are in a record heat wave almost covering the whole of Australia!
Chris I was very pleased to see you escorting your own family to the ‘Last Post Ceremony’ too. You must be very proud of your daughter and it was good to see her and her boy friend make the visit.
All the very best to you both.


Robin Hart.
From:Tristan Forbes
to: The above RB with cc to Chris.

Hello RB, 
Firstly, thank you. I have never had a historical tour, lesson or event that has had a greater impact on me than the one I have experienced in Ypres. It was the most surreal and sobering experience. To walk in Byrne and Morris Harts' footsteps, to learn what they did and see where they did it, I am truly proud. 
Secondly, Chris Lock is the most educated tour guide I have come across along my travels in Europe. His depth and self involvement was outstanding. No question went unanswered and no image was hard to create. Not to mention his uncanny ability to take you back in time and recreate the battlefield, piece by piece. 
Thank you again, RB. Your organization and attention to my time in Ypres really showed your passion for your Fathers and Uncles involvement in the war. Can only imagine how your time in Ypres must have been for you. I am looking forward to seeing you in person and catching up on what we both experienced whilst travelling back in time with the help of Chris. 
Yours sincerely,
Received from Lt General (Ret) Sir Peter Graham KCB CBE                             
Dear Chris.

Just a note to thank you so much for giving up your morning last Tuesday to escort Woodcote House School around Ypres.

You gave an excellent tour and we all learnt a great deal about those who were killed, wounded and died in both world world wars.

I only wish more children and adults could hear your excellent explanations, descriptions and passion. You made a great impact on all of us Woodcote House.

Thank you again for a most interesting, moving and informative morning.

With all good wishes

Yours sincerely

Peter Graham.


The below tribute was recently received from a loyal repeat group of German clients who have since become good friends;

Bei bessten Wetterbedindungen unternahmen wir mit unserem Tourführer eine Wanderung am alten Kanal nahe Ipern und haben dort den Bluff besichtigen können wo sich vor Hundert Jahren unzählige deutsche und englische Soldaten vier Jahre lang

Unser Tourführer Chris vermittelte uns einen bildlichen Eindruck was sich ich damals abgespielt haben muss!

Unsere nächste Tour führte uns zum Soldatenfriedhof Dulhallowes CWGC in Ipern wo Captain Lobo Benbow MC begraben ist. 

Lobo Benbow war im ersten Weltkrieg Jagdflieger und traf im Sommer 1917 bei einem Aufklärungsflug auf Manfred von Richthofen, besser bekannt unter dem Synonym " der rote Baron".

Beim Zweikampf wurde er mit seinem roten Dreidecker von Benbow abgeschossen und kam ins Latzarett.

Benbow fiel 1918 bei einem Luftkampf und der rote Baron bei der Offensive Michael im April 1918, wahrscheinlich durch Bodenfeuer.

Diese Tour war sehr aufschlussreich und gab Einblick was sich vor rund 100 Jahren abgespielt hatte.

Die letzte Ruhestätte von Manfred von Richthofen befindet sich in Wiesbaden auf dem Südfriedhof.

Die Tour war für uns sehr beeindrucken und auch nicht die letzte!
Super geführt und erklärt. Ein Muss für jeden der geschichtlich interessiert ist.
Vielen Dank nochmals an unseren Guide Chris.

Mit Beginn der herbstlichen Jahreszeit ( 2016) unternahmen wir auch eine Tour zu dem neu gestalteten und angelegten einzig noch verblieben deutschen erstweltkriegs Friedhof in Langemarck, Westflandern.

Unser Tourführer Chris informiert uns über die Hystorie des Friedhofes und warum nur noch einer von einstig vielen anderen deutschen
Soldatenfriedhöfen in Flandern übrig geblieben ist.

Die Eindrücke sind vielfältig und man bekommt eine Idee was sich hier vor 100 Jahre in dieser Gegend abgespielt haben muss.

Unserem Tourführer abermals vielen Dank für die detailierten Informationen und hoffen das auch andere sich diese historischen Stätten irgendwann einmal ansehen.



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